Who we are

Incognito was founded by Ronen Mann in 1993, and since then has been a major innovative and quality player in the fields of content and technology for events.
Incognito has a vast experience when it comes to all event types,
Including company events, operating event gardens, lightning design, acoustic solutions and more. We provide all the event needs at the highest level, with emphasis on service and professionalism.

Content Services


The most experienced, highly acclaimed and versatile DJs in the country will suit to your pace, style and feeling that you seek from a comprehensive music library.


Incognito Artists perpetuating moments by photography. Photography is done in a unique perspective with an artistic style that causes the viewer to feel the event.


Musical ensembles fitted for your personal needs. From the introduction and to the last note - the Incognito team will tailor the perfect musical accompaniment for you.

Whatever you need


With diverse and comprehensive equipment in the fields of sound, multimedia lighting, computing and technology, Incognito guarantees you an experience with smooth sounds, precise color and perfect flow. People and equipment from the best in the field, endless experience and full service including preferential treatment . Incognito is a one stop shop for corporate events and providing services to producers. The company combines all the services required to make the event perfect. From the Smallest screw to the last of the service.

Background installations


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